poe builderThe Poetic Edda

. In their dwellings at peace they played at les,

And the field by the warlike Wanes was trodden.

. From the east there pours through poisoned vales

All Jotunheim groans, the gods are at council;

And the wolf tore men; would you know yet more?

.Hrym the leader of the giants, who comes as the helmsman of the ship Naglr line .The serpent Mithgarthsorm, one of the children of Loki and Angrbotha cf. stanza , note. The serpent was cast into the sea, where he completely encircles the land; cf. especiallyHymiskvitha,passim.The eagle the giant Hrsvelg, who sits at the edge of heaven in the form of an eagle, and makes the winds with his wings; cf.Vafthruthnismol, , andSkirnismol, .Naglr the ship which was made out of dead mens nails to carry the giants to battle.]

[. Stanzas and follow stanza in theHauksbokversion. Snorri quotes stanzas , , and , though not consecutively.NastrondCorpseStrand the land of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel. Here the wicked undergo tortures.Smoke vent the phrase gives a picture of the Icelandic house, with its opening in the roof serving instead of a chimney.

[. This stanza is quoted by Snorri.Gimle Snorri makes this the name of the hall itself, while here it appears to refer to a mountain on which the hall stands. It is the home of the happy, as opposed to another hall, not here mentioned, for the dead. Snorris description of this second hall is based onVoluspo, , which he quotes, and perhaps that stanza properly belongs after .

[. With this stanza ends the account of the destruction.

[.Yggdrasil cf. stanza and note, andGrimnismol, and notes. Urth The Past one of the three great Norns. The worldash is kept green by being sprinkled with the marvelous healing water from her well.

[. The order of the lines in this and the succeeding four stanzas varies greatly in the manuscripts and editions, and the names likewise appear in many forms.Regin probably not identical with Regin the son of Hreithmar, who plays an important part in theReginsmolandFafnismol, but cf. note onReginsmol, introductory prose.

.IthavollField of Deeds? mentioned only here and in stanza as the meetingplace of the gods; it appears in no other connection.

. The third line of this stanza is not found inRegius.Ithavoll cf. stanza and note.The girdler of earthMithgarthsorm [fp. ], who, lying in the sea, surrounded the land.The Ruler of Gods Othin. The runes were both magic signs, generally carved on wood, and sung or spoken charms.]

. The stanza is almost certainly in corrupt form. The third line is presumably an interpolation, and is lacking in most of the late, manuscripts. Some editors, however, have called lines the remains of a full. stanza, with the fourth line lacking, and lines the remains of another. The stanza depicts the torments of the two worst classes of criminals known to Old Norse moralityoathbreakers and murderers.Nithhoggthe Dread Biter the dragon that lies beneath the ash Yggdrasil and gnaws at its roots, thus symbolizing the destructive elements in the universe; cf.Grimnismol, , .The wolf presumably the wolf Fenrir, one of the children of Loki and the giantess Angrbotha the others being Mithgarthsorm and the goddess Hel, who was chained by the gods with the marvelous chain Gleipnir, shioned by a dwarf out of six things the [fp. ] noise of a cats step, the beards of women, the roots of mountains, the nerves of bears, the breath of fishes, and the spittle of birds. The chaining of Fenrir cost the god Tyr his right hand; cf. stanza .]

. In theHauksbokversion stanzas and stand between stanzas and .Eggther this giant, who seems to be the watchman of the giants, as Heimdall is that of the gods and Surt of the dwellers in the fireworld, is not mentioned elsewhere in [fp. ] the poems.Fjalar, the cock whose crowing wakes the giants for the final struggle.]

[.GollinkambiGoldComb the cock who wakes the gods and heroes, as Fjalar does the giants.The rustred bird the name of this bird, who wakes the people of Hels domain, is nowhere stated.

. Then from the throng did three come forth,

No knowledge she had where her home should be,

. Surt res from the south with the scourge of branches,

[. TheHauksbokversion of the first two lines runs

[.Regiuscombines the first three lines of this stanza with lines , , and I of stanza as a single stanza. Line , not found inRegius, is introduced from theHauksbokversion, where it follows line of stanza .The sons of Mim the spirits of the water. On Mini or Mimir cf. stanza and note. Gjallarhorn the Shrieking Horn with which Heimdall, the watchman of the gods, calls them to the last battle.

The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free;

. Here the poem resumes its course after the interpolated section. Probably, however, something has been lost, for there is no apparent connection between the three giantmaids of stanza and the three gods, Othin, Hnir and Lothur, who in stanza go forth to create man and woman. The word three in stanzas and very likely confused some early reciter, or perhaps the compiler himself.AskandEmbla ash and elm; Snorri gives them simply as the names of the first man and woman, but says that the gods made this pair out of trees.

[.Thor the thundergod, son of Othin and Jorth Earth cf. particularly Harbarthsljoth and Thrymskvitha, passim.Oaths, etc. the gods, by violating their oaths to the giant who rebuilt Asgarth, aroused the undying hatred of the giants race, and thus the giants were among their enemies in the final battle.

. From the east comes Hrym with shield held high;

. On a hill there sat, and smote on his harp,

.Nithavellirthe Dark Fields a home of the dwarfs. Perhaps the word should be Nithafjoll the Dark Crags.Sindri the great worker in gold among the dwarfs.Okolnir[fp. ] the Not Cold possibly a volcano.Brimir the giant possibly Ymir out of whose blood, according to stanza , the dwarfs were made; the name here appears to mean simply the leader of the dwarfs.]

.Surt the ruler of the fireworld.The scourge of branches fire. This is one of the relatively rare instances in the Eddic poems of the of poetic diction which characterizes the skaldic verse.

On Nastrond it stands, and the doors ce north,

. InRegiuslines , , and I, in that order, follow stanza without separation. Line is not found inRegius, but is introduced from theHauksbokversion.Yggdrasil cf. stanza and note, andGrimnismol, .The giant Fenrir.The head of Mim various myths were current about Mimir. This stanza refers to the story that he was sent by the gods with Hnir as a hostage to the Wanes after their war cf. stanza and note, and that the Wanes cut off his head and returned it to the gods. Othin embalmed the head, and by magic gave it the power of speech, thus Mimirs noted wisdom always available. of course this story does not fit with that underlying the references to Mimir in stanzas and .The kinsman of Surt the wolf [fp. ] Fenrir, who slays Othin in the final struggle; cf. stanza . Surt is the giant who rules the fireworld, Muspellsheim; cf. stanza .]

When the gods with spears had smitten Gollveig,

. Necklaces had I and rings from Heether,

[.Valkyries these Choosers of the Slain cf. stanza I, note bring the bravest warriors killed in battle to Valhall, in order to reenforce the gods for their final struggle. They are also called WishMaidens, as the fulfillers of Othins wishes. The conception of the supernatural warriormaiden was presumably brought to Scandinavia in very early times from the SouthGermanic races, and later it was interwoven with the likewise SouthGermanic tradition of the swanmaiden. A third complication developed when the originally quite human women of the herolegends were endowed with the qualities of both Valkyries and swanmaidens, as in the cases of Brynhild cf.Gripisspo, introductory note,Svavacf.Helgakvitha Hjorvarthssonar, prose after stanza and note and Sigrun cf.Helgakvitha HundingsbanaI, and note. The list of names here given may be an interpolation; a quite different list is given inGrimnismol, .Ranks of the gods some editors regard the word thus translated as a specific place name.HerjanLeader of Hosts Othin. It is worth noting that the nameHildWarrior is the basis of Brynhild Warrior in Mail Coat.

. From the branch which seemed so slender and ir

What hast thou to ask? why comest thou hither?

[. The lines in this and the following stanza have been combined in various ways by editors, lacunae having been freely conjectured, but the manuscript version seems clear enough.The brother of Baldr Vali, whom Othin begot expressly to avenge Baldrs death. The day after his birth he fought and slew Hoth.

The sun of the battlegods shone from his sword;

.Hnir little is known of this god, save that he occasion ally appears in the poems in company with Othin and Loki, and [fp. ] that he survives the destruction, assuming in the new age the gift of prophesy cf. stanza . He was given by the gods as a hostage to the Wanes after their war, in exchange for Njorth cf. stanza and note.Lothur apparently an older name for Loki, the treacherous but ingenious son of Laufey, whose inity Snorri regards as somewhat doubtful. He was adopted by Othin, who subsequently had good reason to regret it. Loki probably represents the blending of two originally distinct figures, one of them an old firegod, hence his gift of heat to the newly created pair.]

. Very few of the dwarfs named in this and the following stanzas are mentioned elsewhere. It is not clear why Durin should have been singled out as authority for the list. The occasional repetitions suggest that not all the stanzas of the catalogue came from the same source. Most of the names presumably had some definite significance, as Northri, Suthri, Austri, and Vestri North, South, East, and West, [fp. ] Althjof Mighty Thief, Mjothvitnir MeadWolf, Gandalf Magic Elf, Vindalf Wind Elf, Rathwith Swift in Counsel, Eikinskjaldi Oak Shield, etc., but in many cases the interpretations are sheer guesswork.]

. This and the following stanza are clearly in bad shape. InRegiusonly lines I and are found, combined with stanza as a single stanza. Line I does not appear in theHauksbokversion, the stanza there beginning with line . Snorri, in quoting these two stanzas, omits , , and , , a single stanza out of , I, and , , , I, in that order. Moreover, theHauksbokmanuscript at this point is practically illegible. The lacuna line is, of course, purely conjectural, and all sorts of arrangements of the lines have been attempted by editors,Hlothyn another name for Jorth Earth, Thors mother; his ther was Othin.The snake Mithgarthsorm; cf. stanza c and note.Othins son Thor. The fourth line inRegiusreads against the wolf, but if this line refers to Thor at all, and not to Vithar, theHauksbokreading, serpent, is correct.

. This is apparently the transitional stanza, in which the Volva, rewarded by Othin for her knowledge of the past stanzas , is induced to proceed with her real prophecy stanzas . Some editors turn the stanza into the third person, it a narrative link. Bugge, on the other hand, puts it [fp. ] after stanza as the third stanza of the poem. No lacuna is indicated in the manuscripts, and editors have attempted various emendations.HeetherFather of the Host Othin.]

The dead throng Helway, and heaven is cloven.

. This stanza, which fits so badly with the preceding ones, [fp. ] may well have been interpolated. It has been suggested that the dragon, a last attempt to rise, is destroyed, this event marking the end of evil in the world. But in both manuscripts the final halfline does not refer to the dragon, but, as the gender shows, to the Volva herself, who sinks into the earth; a sort of conclusion to the entire prophecy. Presumably the stanza barring the last halfline, which was probably intended as the conclusion of the poem belongs somewhere in the description of the great struggle.Nithhogg the dragon at the roots of Yggdrasil; cf. stanza and note.Nithafjollthe Dark Crags; nowhere else mentioned.Must I the manuscripts have must she.]

The general plan of theVoluspois irly clear. Othin, chief of the gods, always conscious of impending disaster and eager for knowledge, calls on a certain Volva, or wisewoman, presumably bidding her rise from the grave. She first tells him of the past, of the creation of the world, the beginning of years, the origin of the dwarfs at this point there is a clearly interpolated catalogue of dwarfs names, stanzas , of the first man and woman, of the worldash Yggdrasil, and of the first war, between the gods and the Vanir, or, in Anglicized form, the Wanes. Then, in stanzas , as a further proof of her wisdom, she discloses some of Othins own secrets and the details of his search for knowledge. Rewarded by Othin for what she has thus r told stanza , she then turns to the real prophesy, the disclosure of the final destruction of the gods. This final battle, in which fire and flood overwhelm heaven and earth as the gods fight with their enemies, is the great ct in Norse mythology; the phrase describing it,ragna rk, the te of the gods, has become miliar, by confusion with the word rkkr, twilight, in the GermanGterdmmerung. The wisewoman tells of the Valkyries who bring the slain warriors to support Othin and the other gods in the battle, of the slaying of Baldr, best and irest of the gods, through the wiles of Loki, of the enemies of the gods, of the summons to battle on both sides, and of the mighty struggle, till Othin is slain, and fire leaps high

.Dvalin in Hovamol, , Dvalin seems to have given magic runes to the dwarfs, probably accounting for their skill in craftsmanship, while inFafnismol, , he is mentioned as the ther of some of the lesser Norns. The story that some of the dwarfs left the rocks and mountains to find a new home on the sands is mentioned, but unexplained, in Snorris Edda; ofLorwe know only that he was descended from these wanderers.]

[. This stanza inRegiusfollows stanza ; in theHauksbokit stands, as here, after .Jotunheim the land of the giants.

[.North a guess; the manuscripts have east, but there seems to be a confusion with stanza , line .People of Hel the manuscripts have people of Muspell, but these came over the bridge Bifrost the rainbow, which broke beneath them, whereas the people of Hel came in a ship steered by Loki.The wolf Fenrir.The brother of Byleist Loki. Of Byleist or Byleipt no more is known.

The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free;

The name of this new ruler is nowhere given, and of course the suggestion of Christianity is unavoidable. It is not certain, how ever, that even this stanza refers to Christianity, and if it does, it may have been interpolated long after the rest of the poem was composed.

. Possibly, as Finn Magnusen long ago suggested, there is something lost after stanza , but it was not the custom of the Eddic poets to supply transitions which their hearers could generally be counted on to understand. The story referred to in stanzas both quoted by Snorri is that of the rebuilding of Asgarth after its destruction by the Wanes. The gods employed a giant as builder, who demanded as his reward the sun and moon, and the goddess Freyja for his wife. The gods, terrified by the rapid progress of the work, forced Loki, who had advised the bargain, to delay the giant by a trick, so that the [fp. ] work was not finished in the stipulated time cf.Grimnismol, , note. The enraged giant then threatened the gods, whereupon Thor slew him.Oths bride Freyja; of Oth little is known beyond the ct that Snorri refers to him as a man who went away on long journeys.]

. The sun, the sister of the moon, from the south

. This stanza is not found inRegius, and is probably spurious. No lacuna is indicated in theHauksbokversion, but late manuscripts add two lines, running

. There feeds he full on the flesh of the dead,

. Identical with stanza . In the manuscripts it is here abbreviated.

. Then sought the gods their assemblyseats,

Minds she bewitched that were moved by her magic,

. Here begins the description of the new world which is to rise out of the wreck of the old one. It is on this passage that a few critics have sought to base their argument that the poem is later than the introduction of Christianity circa, but this theory has never seemed convincing cf. introductory note.

From the home of the gods, the mighty and gracious;

. Oer the sea from the north there sails a ship

. The first line, not in either manuscript, is a conjectural emendation based on Snorris paraphrase. Bugge puts this stanza after stanza .

Fierce grows the steam and the lifefeeding flame,

.The warder of earth Thor.The son of Fjorgyn again [fp. ] Thor, who, after slaying the serpent, is overcome by his venomous breath, and dies. Fjorgyn appears in both a masculine and a feminine form. in the masculine t is a name for Othin; in the feminine, as here and inHarbarthsljoth, , it apparently refers to Jorth.]

.HeithShining One? a name often applied to wise women and prophetesses. The application of this stanza to Gollveig is r from clear, though the reference may be to the [fp. ] magic and destructive power of gold. It is also possible that the stanza is an interpolation. Bugge maintains that it applies to the Volva who is reciting the poem, and makes it the opening stanza, following it with stanzas and , and then going on with stanzas I ff. The of line is obscure, and has been variously emended.]

[. A few editors, following Bugge, in an effort to clarify the poem, place stanzas , and before stanzas , but the arrangement in both manuscripts, followed here, seems logical. In stanza I the Volva, or wisewoman, called upon by Othin, answers him and demands a hearing. Evidently she be longs to the race of the giants cf. stanza , and thus speaks to Othin unwillingly, being compelled to do so by his magic power. Holy omitted inRegius; the phrase holy races probably means little more than mankind in general. Heimdall the watchman of the gods; cf. stanza and note. Why mankind should be referred to as Heimdalls sons is uncertain, and the phrase has caused much perplexity. Heimdall seems to have had various at tributes, and in the Rigsthula, wherein a certain Rig appears as the ancestor of the three great classes of men, a fourteenth century annotator identifies Rig with Heimdall, on what authority we do not know, for the Rig of the poem seems much more like Othin cf. Rigsthula, introductory prose and note. Valther Father of the Slain Othin, chief of the gods, so called because the slain warriors were brought to him at Valhall Hall of the Slain by the Valkyries Choosers of the Slain.

. Again the refrainstanza cf. stanza and note, abbreviated in both manuscripts, as in the case of stanza . It is probably misplaced here.

. The translation here follows theRegiusversion. TheHauksbokhas the same final two lines, but in place of the first [fp. ] pair has, I know that Vali his brother gnawed, / With his bowels then was Loki bound. Many editors have followed this version of the whole stanza or have included these two lines, often marking them as doubtful, with the four fromRegius. After the murder of Baldr, the gods took Loki and bound him to a rock with the bowels of his son Narfi, who had just been torn to pieces by Lokis other son, Vali. A serpent was stened above Lokis head, and the venom fell upon his ce. Lokis wife,Sigyn, sat by him with a basin to catch the venom, but whenever the basin was full, and she went away to empty it, then the venom fell on Loki again, till the earth shook with his struggles. And there he lies bound till the end. Cf.Lokasenna, concluding prose.]

[. Stanzas describe the homes of the enemies of the gods the giants , the dwarfs , and the dead in the land of the goddess Hel . TheHauksbokversion omits stanzas and .Regiusunites with , but most editors have assumed a lacuna.Sliththe Fearful a river in the giants home. The swords and daggers may represent the icy cold.

. His hands he washed not, his hair he combed not,

. The war I remember, the first in the world,

[. Possibly an interpolation, but there seems no strong reason for assuming this. Lines are identical with lines of stanza , and line may have been inserted here from that later stanza.

[.Andvari this dwarf appears prominently in theReginsmol, which tells how the god Loki treacherously robbed him of his wealth; the curse which he laid on his treasure brought about the deaths of Sigurth, Gunnar, Atli, and many others.

On the wood they scored, and Skuld the third.

How much the poem was altered during the two hundred years between its composition and its first being committed to writing is largely a matter of guesswork, but, allowing for such an obvious interpolation as the catalogue of dwarfs, and for occasional lesser errors, it seems quite needless to assume such great changes as many editors do. The poem was certainly not composed to tell a story with which its early hearers were quite miliar; the lack of continuity which baffles modern readers presumably did not trouble them in the least. It is, in effect, a series of gigantic pictures, put into words with a directness and sureness which bespeak the poet of genius. It is only after the reader, with the help of the many notes, hasmiliarized him self with the names and incidents involved that he can begin to understand the effect which this magnificent poem must have produced on those who not only understood but believed it.

[. This follows stanza inRegius; in theHauksbokversion stanzas , , , , and come between stanzas and . Editors have attempted all sorts of rearrangements.The war the first war was that between the gods and the Wanes. The cult of the Wanes Vanir seems to have originated among the searing folk of the Baltic and the southern shores of the North Sea, and to have spread thence into Norway in opposition to the worship of the older gods; hence the war. Finally the two s of inities were worshipped in common; hence the treaty which ended the war with the exchange of hostages. Chief among the Wanes were Njorth and his children, Freyr and Freyja, all of whom became conspicuous among the gods. Beyond this we know little of the Wanes, who seem originally to have been waterdeities.I remember the manuscripts have she remembers, but the Volva is apparently still speaking of her own memories, as in stanza .GollveigGoldMight apparently the first of the Wanes to come among the gods, her ill treatment being the immediate cause of the war. Mllenhoff maintains that Gollveig is another name for Freyja. Lines , one or both of them probably interpolated, seem to symbolize the refining of gold by fire.HorThe High One Othin.

.The maidens the three Norns; possibly this stanza should follow stanza .DwellingRegiushas s sea instead of sal hall, home, and many editors have followed this reading, although Snorris prose paraphrase indicates sal.Urth, Verthandi and Skuld Past, Present and Future.Wood, etc. the magic signs runes controlling the destinies of men were cut on pieces of wood. Lines are probably interpolations from some other account of the Norns.]

The masters of the rocks would you know yet more?

. This is a refrainstanza. InRegiusit appears in full only at this point, but is repeated in abbreviated form before stanzas and . In theHauksbokversion the full stanza comes first between stanzas and , then, in abbreviated form, it occurs four times before stanzas , , , and . In theHauksbokline runs Farther I see and more can say.Garm the dog who guards the gates of Hels kingdom; cf. Baldrs Draumar, ff., andGrimnismol, .Gniparhellirthe CliffCave the entrance to the world of the dead.The wolf Fenrir; cf. stanza and note.

. Burs sons Othin, Vili, and Ve. Of Bur we know only that his wife was Bestla, daughter of Bolthorn; cf.Hovamol, . Vili and Ve are mentioned by name in the Eddic poems only inLokasenna, .MithgarthMiddle Dwelling the world of men.Leeks the leek was often used as the symbol of fine growth cf.GuthrunarkvithaI, , and it was also supposed to have magic power cf.Sigrdrifumol, .

The sun from the south warmed the stones of earth,

. No lacuna line indicated in the manuscripts.Hnir cf. stanza and note. In this new age he has the gift of foretelling the future.TveggiThe Twofold another name for [fp. ] Othin. His brothers are Vili and Ve cf.Lokasenna, , and note. Little is known of them, and nothing, beyond this reference, of their sons.VindheimHome of the Wind heaven.]

No lacuna line is indicated in the manuscripts.Golden les cf. stanza and note.

.Frigg Othins wife. Some scholars have regarded her as a solar myth, calling her the sungoddess, and pointing out that her home inFensalirthe seahalls symbolizes the daily setting of the sun beneath the ocean horizon.

. In the third line many editors omit the comma after sun, and put one after soon, the two lines run Dark grows the sun in summer soon, / Mighty storms etc. Either phenomenon in summer would be sufficiently striking.

[.Ymir the giant out of whose body the gods made the world; cf.Vafthruthnismol, . in this stanza as quoted in Snorris Edda the first line runs Of old was the age ere aught there was.Yawning gap this phrase, Ginnungagap, is sometimes used as a proper name.

. The sun turns black, earth sinks in the sea,

This final passage, in particular, has caused wide differences of opinion as to the date and character of the poem. That the poet was heathen and not Christian seems almost beyond dispute; there is an intensity and vividness in almost every stanza which no archaizing Christian could possibly have achieved. On the other hand, the evidences of Christian influence are sufficiently striking to outweigh the arguments of Finnur Jonsson, Mllenhoff and others who maintain that theVoluspois purely a product of heathendom. The roving Norsemen of the tenth century, very few of whom had as yet accepted Christianity, were nevertheless in close contact with Celtic races which had already been converted, and in many ways the Celtic influence was strongly felt. It seems likely, then, that theVoluspowas the work of a poet living chiefly in Iceland, though possibly in the Western Isles, in the middle of the tenth century, a vigorous believer in the old gods, and yet with an imagination active enough to be touched by the vague tales of a different religion emanating from his neighbor Celts.

[. TheHauksbokversion omits all of stanzas , stanza being there followed by stanzas and .Regiusindicates stanzas and as a single stanza. Bugge puts stanza after stanza , as the second stanza of his reconstructed poem. The Volva here addresses Othin directly, intimating that, although he has not told her, she knows why he has come to her, and what he has already suffered in his search for knowledge regarding his doom. Her reiterated would you know yet more? seems to mean I have proved my wisdom by telling of the past and of your own secrets; is it your will that I tell likewise of the te in store for you?The Old One Othin.

. Here the Volva turns from her memories of the past to a statement of some of Othins own secrets in his eternal search for knowledge stanzas . Bugge puts this stanza after stanza .The horn of Heimdall the Gjallarhorn Shrieking Horn, with which Heimdall, watchman of the gods, will summon them to the last battle. Till that time the horn is buried under Yggdrasil.Valthers pledge Othins eye the sun?, which he gave to the waterspirit Mimir or Mim in exchange for the latters wisdom. It appears here and in stanza as a drinkingvessel, from which Mimir drinks the magic mead, and from which he pours water on the ash Yggdrasil. Othins sacrifice of his eye in order to gain knowledge of his final doom is one of the series of disasters leading up to the destruction of the gods. There were several differing versions of the story of Othins relations with Mimir; another one, quite incompatible with this, appears in stanza . In the manuscriptsI knowandI seeappear as she knows and she sees cf. note on .]

. From this point on through stanza the poem is quoted by Snorri, stanza alone being omitted. There has been much discussion as to the status of stanza . Lines and look like an interpolation. After line theHauksbokhas a line running The world resounds, the witch is flying. Editors have arranged these seven lines in various ways, with lacunae freely indicated.Sisters sons in all Germanic countries the relations between uncle and nephew were felt to be particularly close.]

. Various editors have regarded this stanza as interpolated; Hoffory thinks it describes the northern summer night in which the sun does not set. Lines are quoted by Snorri. In the manuscripts line follows line . Regarding the sun and moon [fp. ] as daughter and son of Mundilferi, cf.Vafthruthnismol, and note, andGrimnismol, and note.]

[. This stanza and stanza have been transposed from the order in the manuscripts, for the former describes the battle and the victory of the Wanes, after which the gods took council, debating whether to pay tribute to the victors, or to admit them, as was finally done, to equal rights of worship.

With the people of Hel, at the helm stands Loki;

. Baldr The death of Baldr, the son of Othin and Frigg, was the first of the great disasters to the gods. The story is fully told by Snorri. Frigg had demanded of all created things, saving only the mistletoe, which she thought too weak to be worth troubling [fp. ] about, an oath that they would not harm Baldr. Thus it came to he a sport for the gods to h weapons at Baldr, who, of course, was totally unharmed thereby. Loki, the troublemaker, brought the mistletoe to Baldrs blind brother, Hoth, and guided his hand in hing the twig. Baldr was slain, and grief came upon all the gods. Cf.Baldrs Draumar.]

[. Here apparently begins the interpolated catalogue of the dwarfs, running through stanza ; possibly, however, the interpolated section does not begin before stanza . Snorri quotes practically the entire section, the names appearing in a some what changed order.BrimirandBlain nothing is known of these two giants, and it has been suggested that both are names for Ymir cf. stanza . Brimir, however, appears in stanza in connection with the home of the dwarfs. Some editors treat the words as common rather than proper nouns, Brimir meaning the bloody moisture and Blain being of uncertain significance.

And the home of the gods he reddens with gore;

. Then sought the gods their assemblyseats,

[. As quoted by Snorri the first line of this stanza runs Fares Othins son to fight with the wolf.SigtherFather of Victory Othin. His son, Vithar, is the silent god, med chiefly for his great shield, and his strength, which is little less than Thors. He survives the destruction.The giants son Fenrir.

[. TheHauksbokversion inserts after stanza the refrain stanza , and puts stanzas and between and . With this stanza begins the account of the final struggle itself.The giantess her name is nowhere stated, and the only other reference to Ironwood is inGrimnismol, , in this same connection. The children of this giantess and the wolf Fenrir are the wolves Skoll and Hati, the first of whom steals the sun, the second the moon. Some scholars naturally see here an eclipse myth.

.Baldr cf. stanza and note. Baldr and his brother, Hoth, who unwittingly slew him at Lokis instigation, return together, their union being a symbol of the new age of peace.Hropt another name for Othin. His battlehall is Valhall.

. Heith they named her who sought their home,

.Tables the exact nature of this game, and whether it more closely resembled chess or checkers, has been made the subject of a treatise, Willard Fiskes Chess in Iceland.Giantmaids perhaps the three great Norns, corresponding to the three tes; cf. stanza , and note. Possibly, however, something has been lost after this stanza, and the missing passage, replaced by the catalogue of the dwarfs stanzas , may have explained the giantmaids otherwise than as Norns. InVafthruthnismol, , the Norms this time three throngs in stead of simply three are spoken of as giantmaidens; [fp. ]Fafnismol, , indicates the existence of many lesser Norns, belonging to various races.Jotunheim the world of the giants.]

.Hlin apparently another name for Frigg, Othins wife. After losing her son Baldr, she is ted now to see Othin slain by the wolf Fenrir.Belis slayer the god Freyr, who killed the giant Beli with his fist; cf.Skirnismol, and note. On Freyr, who belonged to the race of the Wanes, and was the brother of Freyja, see especiallySkirnismol,passim.The Joy of Frigg Othin.]

stands the Voluspo, the most mous and important, as it is likewise the most debated, of all the Eddic poems. Another version of it is found in a huge miscellaneous compilation of about the year , theof Snorri Stuson. The order of the stanzas in the, and in the published editions many experiments have been attempted in further rearrangements. On the whole, how ever, and allowing for certain interpolations, the order of the stanzas in theseems more logical than any of the wholesale improvements which have been undertaken.

And the oaths were broken, the words and bonds,

. Nine worlds the worlds of the gods Asgarth, of the Wanes Vanaheim, cf. stanza and note, of the elves Alfheim, of men Mithgarth, of the giants Jotunheim, of fire Muspellsheim, cf. stanza and note, of the dark elves Svartalheim, of the dead Niflheim, and presumably of the dwarfs perhaps Nithavellir, cf. stanza and note, but the ninth world is uncertain. The tree the worldash Yggdrasil, [fp. ] symbolizing the universe; cf.Grimnismol, and notes, wherein Yggdrasil is described at length.]

about heaven itself stanzas . But this is not all. A new and beautiful world is to rise on the ruins of the old; Baldr comes back, and fields unsowed bear ripened fruit stanzas .

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JF Shea Co IncShea Homes

Heavy Construction Homes Apartments Commercial Real Estate

The J.F. Shea mily of companies spans industries from home building and commercial development to civil engineering and more.

The history of J.F. Shea Co., Inc. began when its founder, John Francis Shea, started a plumbing company in Portland, Oregon in . Since then, J.F. Shea companies have participated in of the countrys top construction and engineering achievements of the th centurythe Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Interstate Highway System.Read more.

Realizing your vision for a rich and rewarding career is important. Choosing a company that shares your vision allows you to reach your full potential.

Heavy Construction Homes Apartments Commercial Real Estate

Heavy Construction Homes Apartments Commercial Real Estate

Heavy Construction Homes Apartments Commercial Real Estate

One of the oldest and largest privately held operations in the country, J.F. Shea Co., Inc. has earned a prominent position among construction companies.

Heavy Construction Homes Apartments Commercial Real Estate

We value communication with customers, prospects and partners. Give us a call, send us a letter or drop us an email to let us know whats on your mind.

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Shea HomesUnfiltered Colorado

Shea HomesUnfiltered ColoradoIts our pleasure to keep you updated on the latest developments at The Canyons. And in case you were wondering, well keep your personal information entirely private.

So close to Denver, you wont find stretches of nature quite like this. Grassy flatlands giving way to rolling hills, rocky outcroppings, winding creek beds and stands of Gambel oak. Here, the land feels like an older, untamed Colorado. And we intend to keep it that way. We are Shea, and we recognize the importance of keeping and enhancing the natural beauty of The Canyons for the people who will be fortunate enough to call this place home. We hope youll follow our progress and join us in bringing this careful vision to life.

This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms.

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poe builderSwitching Power Supply

poe builderSwitching Power SupplySolar Battery Charger, A Solar or DCV~V Input, x V PoE x VDC A output

.V/A continuous output, surge A, U rack mounle, V adjusle

DC/DC Rack mount port .at Gigabit PoE Injector, Blade , Hot Swap, VDC Input, VDC W Output,

DC/DC USB Charger, V Input, V .A Output, meet BC.

Rack mounted port Gigabit PoE Injector with Remote control management, up to W/port .at compliant, ACDCV Dual Input,

PoE to USBPoE USB Charger, .af/at PoE Input, V PoE V .A USB Dual Output, meet BC.

V DC Uninterruptible Power Supply with .A Charging Current or A Power Output

VDC Uninterruptible Power Supply with A Charging Current and A Power Output

Industrial DIN RAIL MOUNT Gigabit PoE Injector, ACV INPUT, V W pairs output,

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, port VDC W PoE OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, Dual Signatures

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, VDC OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, .at AltB

port Gigabit PoE Switch, VDC input, x LTPoE PoE output, W/Port, backward compliant .af/at

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency, V .A Output, IP M Connector, C~C

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency, V .A Output and DIN P Connector, DOE LEVEL VI

PoE to DCPoE PoE Splitter, .af/at PoE Input, V PoE V .A Dual Output,

W VDC .at PoE Splitter with Operation Temperature C~C

Rack mounted port V .A Gigabit PoE Injector, Non.af Compliant, with surge protection

PoE to DCPoE PoE Splitter, .af/at PoE Input, V PoE V .A Dual Output,

Industrial DIN rail mount DC/DC Gigabit PoE Injector, VDC input, V W output,

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency at V/.A Output and DIN P Connector, meet DOE LEVEL VI

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, VDC W PoE OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, .at AltB

V POE Injector with VDC W Output and Minimum Efficiency and surge protection

V Gigabit PoE Injector with V/W Output on spare pairs, meet DOE level ,

Gigabit PoE Injector with to V DC Input, .at Compliant V W output, and metal enclosure with screw down terminal, C~C

Gigabit PoE Surge Protector with ,Mbps Data Rate and KA Discharge Current, ULB approved

V/mA High Power Gigabit PoE Injector with to V DC Input and .at Compliance, C~C

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency at V/.A Output and DIN P Connector

VDC Input W Output Highpower PoE Injector operation temperature C~C

Solar Battery Charger, A Solar AC Dual input, .at PoE VDC A dual output

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, port VDC W PoE OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, Passive

port Gigabit PoE Switch, VDC input, combo x V x VDC PoE output, operation temperature C~C,

Gigabit LAN/PoE Surge Protector with KA Discharge Current, .af/at/bt compliant, ULB approved

V/W Ultra Highpower Gigabit PoE Injector with V DC Input, C~C

Industrial DIN rail mount DC/DC Gigabit PoE Switch/Extender, Dual VDC/PoE input, V W outputx, .at Endspan

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency, V .A Output, IP M Connector, C~C

Solar Battery Charger, A Solar Gigabit PoE Dual input, .at PoE VDC A dual output

PoE to DCPoE PoE Splitter, .af/at PoE Input, V PoE V A Dual Output,

Solar Battery Charger, SolarPoE Dual input, V PoE V PoE VDC triple output

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency, V .A Output, IP M Connector, C~C

AC/DC PoE Injector VAC Input, VDC W PoE Output, High operation temperature C~C

Solar Battery Charger, A Solar Gigabit PoE Dual input, .at PoE VDC A dual output

port Gigabit PoE switch, VDC input, combo x .at x VDC PoE output, operation temperature C~C,

DC/DC Gigabit PoE Injector combine .af PoE to .at PoE

V POE Injector with VDC W Output and Efficiency, power on all pairs, .at dualsignature.

Solar Battery Charger, A Solar Gigabit PoE Dual input, .at PoE VDC A dual output

V DC Uninterruptible Power Supply with .A Charging Current or A Power Output

V Gigabit PoE Injector with V/W Output, powered on all pairs, .at dualsignature

Gigabit PoE Media Converter, managed Gigabit PoE switch, P .at PoE P SFP, DCV input

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, port VDC W PoE OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, LTPOE,

Telecom class V W UPS with Free Air Cooling

Rack mounted port V .A Gigabit PoE Injector, Non.af Compliant, with surge protection

PoE to USB . Adapter/Charger, .af/at PoE Input, V .A USB . power data Output

PoE media converter, PoE switch ACDCV input, P PoE P SFP, rack mount available,

Solar Battery Charger, SolarPoE Dual input, V PoE V PoE VDC triple output

Gigabit Bidirection Passive PoE Injector/Splitter with .A output on pairs, ,/,

.V/A continuous output, surge A, U rack mounle, V adjusle

AC/DC Rack mount port .at Gigabit PoE Injector, Blade , Hot Swap,

W AC/DC Adapter with Efficiency, V .A Output and DIN P Connector, meet DOE LEVEL VI

Rack mounted port V .A Gigabit PoE Injector, Non.af Compliant, with surge protection

V/mA Highpower Gigabit PoE Injector with to V DC Input, .at Compliant, C~C

DC/DC Gigabit PoE Injector combine .at PoE to W PoE

Founded in , MSTronic specializes in the development and manucture of switching power supplies, focus on PoE solutions for various applications. We have earned a sound reputation through prompt customer service and OEM/ODM specific designs, we have the most vary of PoE solutions in the world.

Gigabit High Power PoE Injector with V DC Input and V/mA .at Output, Compliant to EN/EN, C~C

V/W Ultra Highpower Gigabit PoE Injector with V DC Input, C~C

V/W Ultra Highpower Gigabit PoE Injector with V DC Input, C~C, LTPOE compliant,

P PoE/Lan Surge protector, meet .af/at/bt, rack mount.

Industrial Gigabit PoE Injector midspan, VDC INPUT, VDC OUTPUT, DIN RAIL MOUNT, .at AltA

Rack mounted port Gigabit PoE Injector with Remote control management, up to W/port .at compliant, ACDCV Dual Input,

Rack mounted port V A Gigabit PoE Injector, Non.af Compliant, with surge protection

VDC Input W Output Highpower PoE Injector operation temperature C~C

port Gigabit PoE Switch/Extender, VDC input, x .at PoE output, W/Port,

Industrial DIN rail mount DC/DC Power Supply, VDC input, V W output,

Solar Battery Charger, A Solar Gigabit PoE Dual input, .at PoE VDC A dual output

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Securpoe builderity Camera

NEW!You can also select what of security camera system youd like to build by clicking on one of the buttons above. If you are unsure, clicking the question mark icon next to each one will explain the benefits of that of system.

PolarisUSA / Color SONY .MP CMOS Sensor, P, TVL, .mm, Low Iluminaton, IRCUT, DNR, WDR,Digtal Zoom, OSD, IP, VDC In Stock

Introducing the newest Analog High Definition AHD Dome Camera to the already impressive line of HD Dome Security Cameras. The VPDMVF VandalResistant Dome includes a / SONY . Megapixel CMOS Sensor, for P Resolution, Low Illumination, an IRCUT filter, OnScreen Display…the works!

PolarisUSA / Color SONY .MP CMOS Sensor, P, TVL, .mm, Low Iluminaton, IRCUT, DNR, WDR,Digtal Zoom, OSD, IP, VDC

Designing your own security system has never been easier!

Infrared LEDs for over ft M of IR Illumination

Choose a minimum of and a maximum of cameras for your system. Some cameras have separate lenses and mounts, which will automatically be offered. The other sections will become available once you have selected your cameras.

Welcome to the PolarisUSA Security System Designer.No matter how much or how little you know about security cameras, weve taken the guesswork out of putting together your own custom system. So relax, start customizing and dont worry we wont let you forget anything. Start by selecting your cameras, and well tell you what else you need to make them work!

VDC Sold Separately VDC/VAC Option Available

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Shea HomesReal Estate in Littleton

Shea HomesReal Estate in LittletonIf you look slum lord up in the dictionary cornerstones logo is the description. Excessive charges with vague reasoning, willRead more

and Megan of Bear mortgage really put a personal touch into their work.

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Never allow websites to request your physical location

are very knowledgeable and ntastic to work with, I wouldnt go anywhere else.

had already been back once to remediate and the issue was not necessarily resolved.

You can also search near a city, place, or address instead.

Love my new home! Morgen was very helpful through the whole move in process and I am so happy to be living here. The location isRead more

; if main null throw invalid inline script, missing main declaration.; main; ;

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I rented from this place for over years. I cleaned it very well for over hours upon moving out and left it cleaner than itRead more

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Thank you Susan Schell for helping us buy a home that we love in

Hallmark Home Mortgage team is as good as it gets.

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Tampa New Ryland HomesHomes

Tampa New Ryland HomesHomesConvenient to I for access to Sarasota and Tampa

Villa owners have access to the Arbor Grande Club and fitness center

Splash water park, shaded playground, community event lawn and dog park

Exciting new plans with a rear load garage and upscale finishes

Gated community with limited number of homesites

Find your new home in ourCommunityorContact Usfor more info.

Only miles to the Westshore Business District

Located within the masterplanned community of South Fork

Convenient to SR , with access to I and Tampa

Arbor Grande at Lakewood Ranch is your luxury villa and singlemily home destination within the nationally recognized and awardwinning community of Lakewood Ranch. Arbor Grandes residences have exclusive access to the Arbor Grande Club, featuring an activities director, resort pool, club rooms, fitness center and more. Luxury villa residents will also have private access to an exclusive pool, dog park and cabana area.View MasterPlanned Community

Resort amenities include pool and clubhouse

Miles of trails, open air fitness stations and passive parks with picnic shelters and community fire pits

ResortStyle Pool with the , sq. ft. openair clubhouse

Master planned community with amenities to include community pool, parks and so much more

Convenient location close to the Suncoast Parkway

Executive homes with homesites of / acre or larger in the heart of Lutz.

One of the bestselling masterplanned communities for five years in a row. The largest green masterplanned community in the nation.

Deep homesites provide more between you and your neighbor.

Small enclave of homes with / / acre home sites

Estancia is New Tampas awardwinning master planned community, voted Master Planned Community of the Year for years in a row by the Tampa Bay Builders Association. Located just north of Wesley Chapel and the Shops at Wiregrass, Estancia offers incredible amenities including the exclusive Estancia Club with a towerslide, zeroentry heated pool with lap lanes, Hartru tennis courts, basketball courts, stateoftheart fitness center, meeting rooms, walking trails, neighborhood parks and more.View MasterPlanned Community

Mature Oak hammock park includes a gated dog park and is perfect for leisurely walks.

Natural gas community provided by TECO Peoples Gas

Close to the Gulf of Mexico, beaches and recreation

Avid Trails™, miles of multimodal trail system for your outdoor enjoyment

Located in Wiregrass, with easy access to I, restaurants, shops and entertainment

Masterplanned community with amenities to include community pool, parks and so much more

Palms at Casey Key is a beautiful location and only a few minutes from the Gulf beaches

Elegant homes with threecar garages and premium homesite choices in the New Tampa area.

An easy minute commute takes you to shopping, restaurants and medical cilities.

Natural gas community, with service by Peoples Gas

CalAtlantic Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Close to nature preserves, Gulf beaches, shopping, dining and recreation

CalAtlantic Homes is celebrating its newest community in Barrington at South Fork in Riverview

Looking for luxury on an intimate scale. Arbor Grande is for you.

Distinctive architecturally designed luxury villas

Located close to shopping, highways, parks and recreation

Charming gated entrance for controlled traffic.

Just east of the Manatee Viewing center in Apollo Beach

Savona is being sold from our newest models in Cortona

Convenient location close to the Suncoast Parkway

Located in Wesley Chapel, an exciting Pasco County city

Visit our Model on Circa Fishhawk at the first traffic circle

Prices, plans, and terms are effective on the date of publication and subject to change without notice. Square footage/acreage shown is only an estimate and actual square footage/acreage will differ. Buyer should rely on his or her own evaluation of useable area. Depictions of homes or other features are artist conceptions. Hardscape, landscape, and other items shown may be decorator suggestions that are not included in the purchase price and availability may vary. No view is promised. Views may also be altered by subsequent development, construction, and landscaping growth. This website contains general information about a new home communityies in the states listed above and it is not an offer or the solicitation of an offer for the purchase of a new home. This information is not directed to residents of any other state that requires registration or permit issuance prior to the publication of such information. Plans to build out this neighborhood as proposed are subject to change without notice. CalAtlantic Homes does not represent and cannot guarantee to potential buyers that the project will be serviced by any particular public school/school district or, once serviced by a particular school/school district, that the same school/school district will service the project for any particular period of time. Schools that your children are eligible to attend may change over time. You should independently confirm which schools and districts serve the project and learn more information about the school districts boundary change process prior to executing a purchase contract. Persons in photos do not reflect racial preference and housing is open to all without regard to race, , religion, , handicap, milial status or national origin. CalAtlantic Mortgage, Inc. SM and CalAtlantic Title Company are affiliates of seller. Please view theLegal Disclaimerfor more information regarding licenses.

The Tampa Bay area is home to beautiful Gulf Coast beaches in St. Petersburg and Clearwater and is known for its rich history and exciting culture visit Ybor City, or cheer on the home team at one of the many professional sporting events. Tampa is home to countless area attractions and the worldmous Busch Gardens, as well as respected museums, the Lowry Park Zoo and the Florida Aquarium.Our new homes in Tampa are built with easy commutes throughout the area and are in communities that boast countless amenities like swimming pools, recreation centers, nearby golf courses, walking trails, playgrounds and parks. Get started today on choosing one of our magnificent Tampa Bay new homes.

Promenade at Lake Park offers luxury and distinctive architecture in one of the most desired communities in the Tampa Bay area. Discover an idyllic life with nearby golf courses, large nature preserves and direct access to vibrant Tampa and the Gulf of Mexicos sugarsand beaches.View MasterPlanned Community

Cypress Bend offers a wide array of home choices in the picturesque setting of WaterGrass

Enjoy the distinction of living in one of the only gigabyte communities with ULTRAFi in every home

Avid Trails™, miles of multimodal trail system for your outdoor enjoyment

Only a few homes remaining in this resort community

Exclusive , sq. ft. Estancia Club for residents

Located within miles of the St. Josephs South Hospital

Executive Style Homes with homesites of / acre or larger in the heart of Lutz

The Arbor Grande Club and fitness center is Open and exclusive to Arbor Grande residents

Culdesac streets eliminate thru traffic enhance safety for children at play.

Convenience of Citrus Park location but nestled in the trees

Private resort amenities with club director

Close to Upper Tampa Bay Park to enjoy walking, hiking, biking or nature

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IBS Its A Wrap!home builders

Thanks to all who visited us at our IntlBldrsShow booth! We cant wait to see you next year.

Wow, IBSOrlando, we had a blast. What a week! We made new friends and saw many of our old friends, we had a great time! We wouldnt change a thing

Solid Rock Custom Homes // Colorado Springs, CO

For the three days of the NAHB International Builders Show®IBS, building industry professionals from across the globe discovered a variety of products and innovative concepts that are sure to enhance their businesses moving forward.

Seriously impressive show. Lots of good resources and contacts found IntlBldrsShow NAHBhome OC IBSOrlando

The Official IBS House Party Sponsored by Chase

, and a look at whats disrupting the future of the housing industry at the allnew

Thousands of building professionals attended more than

included more handson, interactive learning from the

The International Builders Show®will be in Las Vegas, February , . See you there!

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

DCW Opening Ceremonies featuring Terry Bradshaw

We had a great time at IBSOrlando. It was great seeing you all there.

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

. Of that total, about , were IBS registrants.

Were excited to follow up with all the amazing leads, and people we met during the show!

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

The Official IBS House Party Sponsored by Chase

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

Wrapping up at the IntlBldrsShow. What a show! Lots of great products coming out. is going to be a year to remember! IBSOrlando!

Sign upto be notified when registration opens.

The New American Home The New American Remodel Complimentary Tours

in tracks that covered the breadth of the entire building industry.

Our team members are having a great time and learning a lot at The International Builders Show IBS in Orlando!

The International Builders Show IBS IBSOrlando Wow this was a busy place! So many new things to learn about.

Attendees took advantage of the many opportunities to network with colleagues and have a lot of fun, including the

DCW Opening Ceremonies featuring Terry Bradshaw

It was a great show and one of the better shows of attendance at the IBS that I can remember from the past years.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at IBSOrlando! Another great start to a new year with IntlBldrsShow

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Ryland Homes R

. The builders agent and other representatives issued numerous threats to cancel the contract verbally and in writing when we asked for corrective action to any mistakes they made or any flaws that the buyer pointed out during the build processes.

. The Foreman repeatedly told us we would probably close in Late December or early January. However, due to all of the above listed items and the stone issue not being resolved, Ryland has tried to accuse us of breeching our contract, being too picky, not being prepared to close, or we were simply just too hard to satisfy, which none of this is true. Ryland could not and did not deliver the finished product as promised and then cancelled our // scheduled closing. At this time our lender can no longer hold the loan because its also costing them money, and we will have to start the loan process all over again. We are also in an apartment we expected to be out of by now, so our lease is now up and we are required to move and pay additional costs to movers, deposits, storage etc. This has cost us thousands of dollars, time and extreme stress.

Contact Review Author as Verified Representative

Ryland Homes House Construction Review from Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Get contact details that poster left for the company.

From the very start May of and continuing on for months we have had so many issues along the way. Despite all the problems and horrible customer service we pressed on because we had no other choice or we would lose our , in earnest and options money. However, we reached our breaking point towards the end of the build with a major stone application debacle. I listed some of Ryland/CalAtlantic homes negligence that has made this the worst experience of our lives. I can only describe this experience as the material equivalent of rape!

. The cedar supports on the front of the house were so severely split that they had to be removed and replaced only because we pointed it out. The Foreman should never have allowed them to be hung in the first place. They were replaced after the bricks were applied, so now there are broken bricks in the wall. The foreman didnt care that the bricks are cracked and broken and refused to address the issue. We had no recourse to get the broken pieces replaced.

. Holes left in the wall around multiple outlets and light switches. WE had to point this out to the lead builder during our walkthru.

. The lights and ceiling ns are not the that we selected in the design center, which was brushed nickel. The was not on the check sheet; therefore the order was placed for whatever the builder wanted. The VP of sales committed to change the lights before closing however they are not changed as of this writing.

Unlicensed thief and liar.Talk about a nightmare!

Its down right disgusting and pathetic!Period!

. The garage is not finished out properly. The walls have sheetrock missing around the edges as well as holes in various places.

. The foreman numerous times ordered and installed the wrong products, for example, the stove/range took three attempts to get the correct oven/range installed. When we pointed out the wrong oven was installed twice, his response was oh well my girlfriend needed a new oven anyway. Apparently when they order these items they are not returnable according to him, so the builder either is out the cost, or tries to force the mistake onto the buyer. Or in this case the foreman got new ovens money off of the company or us, or both.

I just moved into my new Calatlantic home Janury in Henderson, NV.I noticed horrible paint and repair jobs on the base boards by the builders and had a…

. The garage door paint has been stained by the mortar from the second stone application and should be repaired, replaced or repainted. The foreman committed to having the doors repainted and they have not as of this writing.

Unbelievable!Its not just the builders…the contractors suck, too.

. The gas drop we were paying extra for was to be added to the outside patio and was left off by the plumbers so it had to be routed from a different location then we selected. We had to compromise again to make adjustments for THEIR mistake and move the location without recourse.

Business Solutions For Verified Company Representatives

. The brick area around the stone that was removed and replaced was not acid washed and cleaned as it should have been. These areas have an inconstant appearance with rest of the brick on the home as a result of the stone removal. The areas have a gray ashy appearance. The Brick mailbox was also not acid washed and has the same mismatched off putting appearance.

Estimated difference of same and location of home at todays market price ,.

Our Car four year car lease was up so it had to be returned. We could not purchase or lease a new vehicle for consideration of loan qualification. Now the cost and pain and suffering of living with a single vehicle between two people.

I really appreciate you going into detail about this builder.I cant imagine what you and your mily has been gone through.

Shouldnt matter.Quality and customer service are promised by these builders and not delivered!

I am affiliated with this business and need to report something about this review or business

. Here are the costs we have been out thus r due to Rylands carelessness and cancelling our closing.

Check out the best and the worst companies in Home Construction and Repair category for more informed decision or compareRyland Homesto other companies on our site.

I to have had many issues with my trailer. We purchased a Timber Ridge the summer of . I also feel ORV misrepresents their product. Initial quality and construction…

. The stone application on the house is not what was ordered and applied very poorly. The builder acknowledged it was not correct and had the mason remove it. The same inexperienced mason was hired to attempt another application and the same poor workmanship results were achieved. We witnessed the construction supervisor handing the mason a poorly printed black and white of what was to be expected. A qualified and skilled mason would not make such drastic mistakes twice, nor would he need such direction. A skilled Mason would know how English Cobblestone should be applied. The stone is not applied the same on all areas across the front of the house and appears four different ways. The builder is telling us to accept the stone as is and move to immediate closing.

Ryland Homes House Construction Review from Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Dont deal with this builder or their employees.

Sales rep in Charlotte needs to come off her throne

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My advice would be to just watch out and go with your gut. If it doesnt feel right then it probably isnt. I got instant bad vibes from the sales agent the day we viewed the model home, she was awful! READ READ READ the contract.

When the mistakes are not corrected or acknowledged, the builder finally blames the homeowner, using numerous tactics, excuses and lse claims like; we werent ready to close on the date they selected or criticizing us for blowing the problems all out of proportion, a phrase much vored by builders caught in their mistakes. Or Shes very picky. Nothing pleases her. This is a kind of defensive posturing that protects the builder from accounility.

. The sod was laid so poorly it is now dead in many various locations around the property. There was still trash and debris in the dirt, and the sod was put down without preparing the dirt and removing the trash or any debris left behind by the contractors.

. Recently discovered the areas lead builder/foreman was arrested for a terrorist threat against a mily/household, which solidifies our complaints about the bullies they hire, not to mention untrustworthy people overseeing the build of our lifelong investment.

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My husband and I are in the process of finding a builder and unfortunately, stories like yours are not the exception…

Its a duplicate by the same member or copied

Stay away from Lennar. This I can tell you from experience. An awful company.

Its a duplicate by the same member or copied

. The YELLOW normally white in this day and age switches and plug cover plates clash severely with the wall . The construction supervisor indicated that white was not an option however other new builds in the neighborhood have white cover plates installed.

The BBB is not repule.Heres what I learned about them you can pay to have bad reviews removed.

. On // we were emailed a closing notification with a date and time of // at am even though the home was incomplete and not ready to close. For over a month we attempted calling and emailing Rylands closing coordinator, whom was unresponsive when addressed with questions regarding our closing concerns. The branch manager, B*b M******d, also did not respond to emails or phone calls. His only implied concern was to why we were using a different lender other than Rylands.

. The wiring panel in the master closet is not in the location that we selected. We were made to accept the location due to the time and expense of moving it. The Builders negligence in this matter we were again made to just accept and move on.

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. We specifically selected ceilings to be painted white and would be paying extra for this option. The painter did not paint all of the ceilings white throughout the house. He was left to decide which ones he wanted to paint and the construction supervisor did not give direction to the painter. The buyer had to follow up many times to get this costly upgrade completed. The painter actually pushed back saying that he didnt want to paint them all white and many are still not painted.

. The sheet rock application was very poorly done with huge gaps and severely broken pieces that were left in place barely hanging to the framing. We were told it would all be hidden when they floated the house. The seams and the so called repaired areas are still very apparent.

I purchased a piece of luggage from EEG Closet on Tradesy and boy was I fooled… The luggage description said that it was gently used and had two scuff marks….

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Yeah, the lot you picked doesnt allow for your floor plan.

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This person also mentioned the following companyPulte Homesthat you may also consider. Also, you can continue reading comments aboutRyland Homes.

I agree we had similar problems with Lennar.They just dont care and they are all the same.

I cant stress this enough! I would hire a real estate attorney to go with you on contract signing day to help you better understand the contract. Builders use cunning little word tricks that you agree to without realizing it until its too late.

. Roof shingles have yet to lay flat as they should have at this point months later.

I am doing my research on Florida home builders so that I dont end up in the same situation as those who purchased homes from KB Home, Richmond American Homes, and Dr.

. Regardless of the lead builder, managers, customer service and sales agents etc being aware, notified and viewing the photos of the poor workmanship and other problems, they were still trying to force us to close on this property. Clearly they do not care about their product or their buyers!

. The foundation is broken and missing a huge portion around the front porch area. The mason filled the broken area in with the stonework. Aside from looking terrible, it may compromise the foundation integrity.

Extremely poor construction Blueridge subison/Carpentersville Il

We feel there are substantial grounds for a charge of Deceptive Trade Practice as well as negligence and poor workmanship. When the home was presented to have a specific stone application and a living lawn but instead we have been offered substandard and lower quality workmanship that Ryland refuses to address and instead cancelled the purchase contract.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue if any as the author lost . This person is overall dissatisfied with Ryland Homes and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about ryland homes construction atRyland Homeswas entire staff not taking responsibility Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

I was swindled by a conman named Flentrus Murdock from Garcileem Designs.

Excellent advice.Thank you for sharing your experience.

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oh, God . It was an art project involving portraits of people. I had worked with them for a year. The book , I had spent quite a long…

Not that any of this is your ult… but this is how it should have gone…

. Upstairs forth guest bedroom bathtub severely fractured leaving a large gaping hole in the fiberglass. Specialist had to come out to repair the damage and only patched the area rather than replacing the tub.

. The Lot location we understood to be purchasing is not the lot listed in the contract. The sales agent did not inform us that she changed the Lot. She changed the location without our knowledge because she screwed up by selling us a lot that would not accommodate the floorplan we selected. The buyer found out a month later at the design center when choosing our brick and stone. The rude sales agent made up a lse story claiming she told the buyer this on the day we signed the contract. We were made to accept the change because the desired lot had been sold to someone else and there was not a desired alternative.

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. The mortar around the stone application is not finished and brushed correctly to be uniform. The of the mortar is inconsistent around the stone and does not present as ordered and expected by the builder or buyer. The mortar is two different s due to the second stone repair attempt because not all of the WRONG stone was fully removed and replaced. To save money the builder attempted to patch areas mixing the wrong stone with the corrected stone only adding to the ridiculously obvious inconsistencies.

. The sales agent lied to us again by assuring us we could customize the plan by moving the kitchen island to allow more space between the cabinets and stove door. Once again we were misled in order to get us to sign a contract. She repeatedly lied to us, saying we would made the request for structural customizations at the builder meeting, however during that meeting we presented our request to the foreman and he claimed it was too late for any changes. We were left with no other option but to move forward and settle for confined space in the kitchen. The builder compromised by providing an alternate stove with two doors that are shorter to allow more room between stove and island. However we again were forced to make an exception.

. The purchase incentives and original plan for approval included wood flooring in the hall to master area, and then the design center representative put an extraordinary charge for the square small six foot area; ., almost per foot. More than three times the amount in any other area of the home, and it was shown to be included on the plans the builder provided for us to approve with a signature. Again, this sparked another frustrating battle with the rude sales agent/corporate /foreman etc.

We already left a review of Charles Brzezinski and CBCS but please disregard that review as it was forced out of us because Charles held our project hostage until my…

Yes my house is a lemon. Ryland placed the light in my attic wrong and set my house on fire while doing warranty work. They cost my husband and I…

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Horton Homes.Lennar isnt accredited by the BBB, so Im wary of them too.

You bought from a trac home builder.They are all the same.

This sort of thing has been my biggest concern and Im to the point that Ill wait to build until I find a reliable, honest, quality builder before I do anything.Good luck I hope things eventually work out.

I cant tell you just how devastating it is to invest so much time, money and emotion into building a home only to have it all ripped away simply for asking something to be done right or to be corrected. Ryland now CalAtlantic homes would rather stand behind their attorney and not their product. This company canceled our contract, keeping our earnest money and the house. How in the world can this be considered ir or even legal just for asking that what we are paying for to be done right? How are builders getting away with this and staying in business with such horrible customer service?

They are a private company, not a govt agency.They have no desire to do anything other than get the money from the companies who pay them for their good ratings.

Thank you for the kind words.It has been a real nightmare.

There should be laws protecting the consumer from these practices.Buying a home should be a wonderful experience not a horrible one.

I bought this home in July and have submitted a few easy home warranty issues a couple months after. It is now December and not a darn thing has been…

This is unacceple with any purchase but especially with the most important purchase a person will make in their lives. Pretty soon these companies will be held accounle for their negligence. Its rampant and these companies are careless thieves with fraudulent business tactics.

Get everything in writing.This is a huge investment and hiring an attorney to help protect your future is worth every penny!Good luck and beware

Buying a Ryland Home was the biggest mistake I ever made!!!

. The outside plug on the front entry is not installed correctly and is tilted at such a steep angle that it is most likely usable. The foreman said it was acceple to him and told us to move on.Ryland Homes R

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