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by the community after verification and fifa 18 ultimate team coins of communication, coordination and improvement. At the end of the Congress of community residents, five fifa 18 ultimate team coins group representative is required to report to all the residents work, supervision from the perspective of the third party report of community public service fifa 18 ultimate team coins and daily work, and on the streets of the democratic community review of the way, the public service project evaluation, project selection of residents’ heart fifa 18 ultimate team coins satisfactory. Less than a year, five mut coins group has to yishanjun The community has submitted 10 proposals, 4 copies of the rectification report, fifa 18 ultimate team coins an important force in the community of democratic consultation. The life in the community, have a strong sense of belonging to the community, they always need fifa 18 ultimate team coins attention to residential green building, road need trimming, street lamp is damaged, so the street public service projects to fully absorb public opinion, fifa 18 ultimate team coins actual needs of the people. Closer to home district belongs to Hengmao resettlement madden mobile coins, the lack of public facilities, residential green is not in place, sewer fifa 18 ultimate team coins, vehicle parking chaos,Many problems the corridor occupied, great views of the residents,