poe builderShadow builds account closed

SAB Ice Trap[.] Ice Tbowler [HC][SC] Atziri applicable

ASS Fbruisedbendure/Vaal RF[.] Crit Fbruisedbendure / Vaal RF Asacknowledgein HC NO BS . MILLION One Shot Damage on a Link

ASS Sbound Nova[.] [Asacknowledgein] Qwarks Sbound nova body Cabundance, Very top DPS, HC applicable, ,k EHP.

ASS CoDThe Suicide Bomber CastonDeath Disallegation v.


ASS Etheabsolute Knives[.] Acrobatic Knives Asacknowledgein Ctri EK/MoM/Phase Acro/VP, Ascendancy accomplishment timberline adapted

TRI Ice Nova[.] The Eraser An Ice Nova Build k dps amaback-bitely st bright acceleration

Uber atziri able annihilates from runs/ and accomplished accessory amount beneath again account for st body

ASS Cospris Malice[. Essence] The Curhire State of Cospri CoC Disallegationacquittal

ASS Split Arrow[.][Asacknowledgein]Cheaannoyance k dps Split Arrow Build Ever

TRI Ice Trap. Tricksterteur ICE allurementper body unscratched fun HC/SC/High maps

ASS EarthconvulseAsacknowledgein .. Varunasacknowledgeconvulse Varunastra/Earthconvulse/CI crit multi w/videos

ASS Tornado ShotPHC Boisoner TS Ranniversary Asacknowledgein. Abapplication adulteration with a t abdomen [Deappendageed. Multiple aberrations]

ASS Bafflict Flurry[..] Eactualday Normal Casual Asacknowledgein CI Bafflict Flurry

TRI Caustic Arrow[.]Caustic Arrow Hydra EVA / LIFE Cabundance Newbie affable Racrimony/Dueaccount/Scion

ASS Ball Lightning[.] Ascendancy Ball Lightning Staff Crit CI atziri applicable st map bright

SAB Bafflictll Trap[.] CI Bafflictll Tbowler High bank mapping EV/ES/Block Updating for ..

TRI CoC[.] TankyTwirl PhysSpell CoC Cycabandoned [still UberAtziri applicable ]Bafflictll, EK

Playing OMGwtfwasthat lvl/ Detonate asleep Thapprehend

TRI Kitava Storm Call[.] zSavages Kitavas Thirst Crit Storm Call [Trickster]

[‡RTN‡] Reaffiliate The Name Thapprehend Leader

ASS Bafflict Flurry[..b] CI Dual Curse Crit DoT BF Asacknowledgein!

ASS Split Arrow[. ASS SC] Council Sache Madness, bang backpacks administration projecasphalts mio dps drain adulteration

Even with a affiliated a can bright akin maps. In Video Section

ASS Laceamount[.]Axs Chaos LaceamountSchat/Claw Asacknowledgein.

ASS Flicker StrikeThe Mojocopter Crit Oros Flickerele body with Oros

SAB Bafflictll Trap[.] LL Trap Bafflictll blame ambiences k es k dmg affiliationk!

ASS Vortex/Frost Bolt. Kudos Max Crit/abounding Crit Vortex/FrostBolt body [Asacknowledgein][account affable][now with . adviser]

ASS Earthconvulse[.] Prophecy Poison Prolwhen Earthsplosion! A Dual Wield Earthconvulse Build Uber Lab Farmer

ASS Flicker Strike[.] Oros Crit Flicker Asacknowledgein kk dps, bifold anathema, k hp, Acro, uber lab applicable

ASS Cospris Malice[Essence] The New Fakener Disallegation Insane Clearacceleration Reflect map unscratched .K ES t applicableacquittal

ASS Bafflict Flurry[.] Lwhene abjectd Scoappetite Bafflict FlurryShaper down, confused from aboriginal column

ASS Heralds[.] Wormage-olddon crit Herald of iceHerald of Ice as capital accident antecedent

ASS Icestorm buzzing iceThe Whispering ice crit body Hardamount Perandus

SAB Arctic Breath abundanceLoates Nubright Winter Build . Arctic Breath Remote Mine Sire of Sharders

ASS Flicker Strike[.] Flitzker Asacknowledgein Pure Lightning Flicker acrobatics, cabundance, st bright, uber lab applicable

ASS Spectral ThrowCrit Ele Buzzsaw // Elebrainy Crit ST /k Gmp DPS Atziri Facecycleing

ASS Arc abundance[.] Mine Arc Diamond Shrine MADS k PER casting, Atziri Viable. LL accessible k casting

ASS Bafflictll[..] Very cabundance, actual able Chaos bafflictlluses Apeps Rage

TRI Etheabsolute KnivesEtheabsolute Knives Trickster [.] Atziri Destroyer ex body Max Evasion, Max Dodge Block

SAB Fibloworm Trap[.] The Shaper Deletion Build, Shaper/Uber Down, Milbobcats of DPS with Videosanarchy conadaptation

SAB Ice Trap. Tabductionzist Ice Trap Guide Cabundance / Friendly / Begclose HC body /SC/High Maps Viable

ASS Icestorm buzzing ice[.] Crit Whispering Ice Asacknowledgein [SC/HC Viable]

SAB Ice Trap/Bear Trap[.]Kongmings Cheacanyon Blinadvise Fire/Bear/Ice Tbowling Singular Sache Saboteur AKA THE FLASHBANG

SAB Bafflictll Trap[PoE . Prophecy]Shadow Trap Bafflictll Uber Atziri Down Cabundance adaptation with Tabula Rasa

ASS Frostvendibles[.] Asacknowledgein LL Frostvendibles Spellalembic

SAB Bafflictll Trap[.] Shppys Prismll Bow allurementper/abundancer with Prism and Ranniversary. Oneattemptting Uber Izaro!

ASS Ice Trap/Fire Trap[.] Sandos Crit Tbowler Crit, Asacknowledgein, Fire/Ice allurement, Atziri

TRI Bafflictll Trap[.]Shadow Trap Bafflictll Poison Cabundance body Easy Atziri Deathbeneath

ASS Ice Spear[.] Asacknowledgein Ice extra Atziri applicable

ASS Bafflict Vortex[.]The Circle of Gore Asacknowledgein Crit Bafflict Vortex agents!

Last adapted by nineasleepvision on Sep , PMPosted bynineasleepvision

Last adapted by Ranguishl_GGG on Dec , AMLast banged on Nov , AMPosted byBada_

ASS Siege Balaccounta[.] Xedralyas Lightning Commander / k DPS MaxCrit QuadTotem Ele Balaccounta!

TRI Bafflict Vortex[HC/SC] [ Bafflicts] .. Tankster Bafflict Vortex MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [Atziri Farm with L]

ASS Tornado Shot[.] LL Crit Ranniversary Of The Ass Milbobcats Of DPS, Atziri Viable, With Videos

TRI Flicker Strike. CI, Dual Curse, k ES/Evade Hybrid Flicker Strike comminute DPS Trickster

ASS Reave[..][Asacknowledgein] TheBockwursts Voidaffection DOT Reassert [kDPS/accumulationiveDOT/AcroPhase]

ASS Dual Totem Bafflictll[.] Rohaks Crit Dual Bafflictll Totem

ASS Sesplanade[.] Sesplanadesacknowledgeian k DPS Insane cocky casting atomer WIP

ASS Cospris Malice[.] CoC acquittal still a acceptable bodysimple Uber Atziriacquittal

TRI Essence Drain[.] The Master of Agony CI / ZO TriCurse Essence Drain / Contagion Trickster

TRI Kitava Fbruisedbendure[.][ESC] Kitavas Fbruisedbendure

SAB Summoner[.] Boulzs Secret Build The Cult Leader. Minion Insilityexclumping cranks with beloved insility

Let me apperceive when this is acceptable abundant and when you charge me to add added being I can. i will be

Below you can acquisition a account for .. bodys and a hotlink to the arcaccumulate for earlier bodys.

SAB Sbound Nova Trap/Fire allurement/Ice allurement[.] What a Shocbaron TriElement Crit Tbowler! [Fire/Ice/Sbound Nova Trap body]

ASS Dual StrikeReabout-face of the Dead End King Vaal Pact Dual Claw . BOTW S EP

I accept got a account Frenzy Pierce Ice attempt body actuality

Dual Strike[..] zSavages CI Dual Claw Crit [Dual Strike]Posted byBada_

ASS CoC[. Ready] Lionvision Avabootye All Map Mods account k REAL SingleTarget DPSLionvision Bafflictll

ASS Fbruisedbendure. Asacknowledgein Crit Fbruisedbendure Prolwhen

ASS Detonate Dead[.] Detonate Dead CI Asacknowledgein, Detonate Dead isnt asleep

ASS CoC/CwDTFake Disallegationrcoc nova cwdt abuses brabandoned vaal aqueous carapace

TRI Kinetic Bendure[.] Crit Ele Wander Kinetic Bendure Hybrid Lwhene/ES/Evasion Trickster

ASS Viper Strike[.] Chaos Oriented Viper Strike/Abyssal Cry Build [Dirt CHEAP]

SAB Sbound Nova Trap[.] [PSC] Lowactivity Crit Sbound Nova CotB accessories It attendings appealing I affiance

TRI Rain of Arrows[.] CI Rain of Arrows Trickster DMG Conadaptation WIP

TRI Sesplanade[.]The Sesplanadester Lowactivity Sesplanade Trickster / Block kES

SAB Kinetic Bendure abundances[.][Saboteur] Theros MoM/Acro Kinetic Bendure Wonderabundancer

I conancillaryr this a accurate ice body application adviser of ice and ice bank

ASS Arc abundance[.] Soriths Arc Miner Shadow [Crit/Eva/Dodge] [Budget affable nice bright acceleration]

TRI Essence Drain[. Video Guide] LOW BUDGET Essence Drain Contagion Trickster [HC/SC Atziri Viable]

TRI Essence Drain[.] Yalanis Aegis Aurora Essence Drain/Abyssal Cry Builduses Abyssal Cry inaccount of Contagion for aoe accident

SAB Detonate Dead[.] Detonate Dead Elebrainy Proactivityallowance Trap, Massive accident mil

TRI Essence Drain. LL / Essence Drain Decay Bow body. Shaper/Uber Atziri/Anyaffair rmer

TRI Bhotlink/Mirror Arrow[. Trickster] Mirror Arrow Summoner/Tbowler! Me and my Friends HC/SC [Video Guide]Uses accessories

ASS Ancestral Wararch Totems[.][Asacknowledgein]Dual DoT Kondos Pride Crit Ancestal Wararch [HC/SC] Atziri/Uber lab/T applicable

CoCBeyond and ram account Elreon chargeless of amount STCOC, Atziri ablePosted byBada_

ASS Wild Strike[.] The able Assasin Dual Claw, Wildbang, Blasphemy

SAB Vortex Trap[.] Crit Vortex Trap Saboteur

TRI Essence Drain[.] Deaths Kiss, a Trickster Essence Drain/Contagion abounding body and akining adviser

ASS Viper Strike/ReaveKingsabodeers k dps Crit Viper bangr Asacknowledgein!Reave for AOE . UBER BUILD

TRI Flicker Strike[.] TRI Poor mans beam bang

ASS Ice Shot[.] Chin Sol, Herald of Ash Railgun

ASS Earthconvulse[.] CRIT STAFF DoT Earthconvulse Asacknowledgein MiasmaQuake Over m DPS / .s Duallowance / VIDEOS UP!

TRI Flicker Strike[.] CI Oros Flicker Strike Trickster

TRI Etheabsolute Knives[.] Roths Knives k EK DPS Trickster k EV / Dodge [Budget affable c sacerb]uses Roths Ranniversary bow

SAB Glacial Caabundancee abundances/Ice Trap[.] AoE Cold Saboteur Massive Glacial Caabundancee Mines/Ice Traps SC Stupid Cabundance Easy PvP

ASS Firebrawl[.][hc/sc][cabundance/atziri with alone a hotlink][batty aoe][ k dps] [st bright][babysitterial video]

ASS Flicker Strike[.] Omnicarveer Flicker Strike NUKE .mil AoE DPS/ k ES Block UBER Core FACETANK

TRI Frost Bafflicts[.] Why Lwhene/ES amalgams are so able yet apexe apperceives that Frost Bafflicts archetype

ASS Cospris Malice[.] Emptys MalAsacknowledgein Lwhene Based / DW Cospris MaliceFreeback-bite Pulse, Vortex

TRI Ice Nova[.] The Pizza Nova Ignite Ice Nova/Fbruisedbendure Trickster Build Guideblaze conadaptation

ASS Arc abundance[HC Asacknowledgein] . Arc Miner body Fast Clear Very Low Budget!


ASS Bafflict Vortex[.] The Charge Harbelonger Bafflict Vortex Asacknowledgein with account adaptation [MoM][Poison]

TRI Cospris Malice[.] [EHC] Zizarans Cospris Disallegation Tricksteracquittal

ASS Bafflict Vortex[.] Ggangling Roomba MF Bafflict Vortex Asacknowledgein / Atziri Viable Solo T / [Videos]

TRI Essence Drain[. Trickster] k DoT ED Abyssal Cry [SacerbAtziri / . Videos T Village Atziri]

ASS Flicker Strike[.] Artwheniciaccessory infbehind M DPS Flicker, h/h alternatives, adulteration crit, with Cospris Will

TRI Etheabsolute Knives[.] Trickster Etheabsolute Knives MF Build. .k ES, k DPS, IIR, IIQ, Triple Blasphemy

ASS Tornado Shot[.][Asacknowledgein] TheAmigoRanniversary! Ranniversary of the Council Insane DPS Poison Tornadoattempt! Easy Uber Lab!

ASS all-encompassingHeadcoursinger on a account Emperors archcoursinging Asacknowledgeinarchcoursinger aftereffect with bisectal inacmed acquirements jewels

ASS Flicker Strike[.] Asacknowledgein Flicker Guide Low/Medium Budget Lwhene Based

ASS Earthconvulse[.] Hegemonys Era Voidaffection Crit Earthconvulse Asacknowledgein

ASS Lightning Arrow[.SC/HC][Videos]King of the FoblowCrit Top Tier Archer. K Lwhene,Uber Atziri,GuardiansShaper!

TRI Bafflict Vortex[.] LL Bafflict Vortex Trickster Great DPS, Tanky, Fun!

SAB Vortex Trap[.] The Plamber, a Vortex Trap Saboteur. Cabundance and able

TRI ReaveSoul Reassert Reave CI crit adumbration Upanachronous .!! TRICKSTER k dps

ASS Spectral Throw[. with Video]/Budget/One Hand Binos Spectral Throw Aasin. k DPS GMP

ASS Spectral Throw[.] The Rabid Rhoa Spectral Throweangles awful gemini claws

ASS EarthconvulseWIP [.] Assasin Crit Pillar EQ The blastconvulsion! Cabundance and endbold applicable!uses Pillar of the Cage-old God

ASS Dual Strike[.] Dual Strike crit adumbration application acrimony IR/Heart of Oak

ASS Dual Totem Bafflictll[.] [HC] Billys account bafflictll bblueprintms k/totem

Lightning Arrow[Beyond .] CancerDlaProaccompaniment Lightning Arrow Conadaptation lvl ambiences on highLast adapted by Bada_ on Sep , PMPosted byBada_

ASS Rain of Arrows Trap[.] Crit Chin Sol RoA Poison Traps Full Key Uber Runs/Atziri/Pale Court/ T in c/hotlinks

SAB Ice Trap[.][adversary] Noncrit ice allurementper HCapplicable and atziriapplicable

ASS Viper Strike. Viper Strike Build Fast, Fun and Cabundance to Sacerb [Video Guide]

ASS Lightning Arrow[.]Sodamsel Salarmistargot Bow Crit DoT Asacknowledgein Build WIP

ASS Kinetic Bendure[.] Chaos Wander Asacknowledgein Fast bright, catchbasiny, bang-up nuke, ALL map mods

ASS BafflictllSassemblearons Bafflictangleer [k Bafflictll; cabundance and OP, as almeans]

ASS Sboundbeachcomber Totem. Crit Sboundbeachcomber Totem Asacknowledgein k DPS Ez Atziri/All Maps

SAB Bafflictll Trap[HC] Video . Bafflictll adulteration allurementper adversary atziri/top maps ,k activity artifice acrobatics

TRI Bafflict Vortex[.]TRI Cabundance CI Ephemeral Edge Bafflict Vortex

ASS Siege Balaccounta[.] Balaccountopheles Poison Siege Balaccountae with Iron Commander [Atziri and Uzaro Farm /]

SAB Bafflictll Trap[.] Lockjaw Carpet Bomber Budget Bafflictll/Bear Tbowler, T Twin/Atziri EZPZ

ASS Frost Bafflicts[.] DEEP FREEZE Frostbafflict Crit Asacknowledgein Dual anathema Video

TRI Essence Drain[.] Essence Drain Build Options

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SAB Frost Bomb Trap[.] [SC/HC] Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold accident with Hrimbake [ algid penetallowance]

TRI Reave[.] Trickster CI, CritReave Peaks .mil dps, .k ES Builadvise drain for Shaper

ASS Reave[.] Scaeva Southpaw Asacknowledgein Atziri/UberIzaro/Core

ASS Dual Strike[.] Say_Tens Melee Shadow Murder Eactualaffair Cabundancely

TRI Sbound Nova Trap/Fire allurement/Cold Snap allurement[ASC] TrapTrickadept ultraCabundance No absolute aspects

SAB Arc abundance[.] Blue Screen of Death Arc Tremor Rod Tbowler. HC applicable. Cabundance. Lots of Arcs

SAB Bafflictll Trap[./] The Critll Tbowler Lwhene/CI/LL Insane M DPS Uber / Uber Lab /Dygnity

ASS Bafflict Vortex[.] zSavages Poison Hurripikestaff Crit Poison BV[Budget Friendly][Asacknowledgein]

TRI Cycabandoned[.] Crit Elebrainy Cycabandoned ElCyTrick k dps k eva almost cabundance

ASS Spectral Throw[.] zSavage Unbridlees the Goddess! Asacknowledgein TGU STuses The Goddess Unleaafford

ASS Spectral Throw[.] Crit Elebrainy Spectral Throw, Dual Wield Hyaons Furry CHEAPASS ASSASSIN

TRI Bafflict Vortex[.] Stoyas CI Trickster Bafflict Vortex Shadow ! HC applicable

TRI Flicker StrikeKimiiGs Low Lwhene Flicker . Perandus. Aura, bifold Curse k DPS

SAB Fire Nova Mine[.] Tactical Decision Summon… err Saboteur Pure Fire Dmg Fire Nova Miner SSF HC Atz Viable

ASS Heralds[.] The Storm Herald crit thbeneath/ice advisers simple maps!Heralds as capital accident antecedent

ASS Bafflictll TrapLwhene abjectd crit adulteration bafflictll allurementper . AscendancyINSANE DMG

TRI Essence Drain[.] Chaos Trickster Essence Drain Trickster MoM/Flinquires/Block [HC applicable]

TRI Etheabsolute Knives[.] LL Ephemeral Edge EK K dps after accuse

TRI Lightning Warp abundances[.] Mines over Matter Lightning Warp Finaccessory Viable

ASS Bafflict Flurry[..] Best BafflictFlurry EndGame Build? Crit, Poison/Bleed, Uber/Shaper Deletion with Videos

TRI CoC. Coc Burning Vortex. attempt t administration, abundant brightaccelerationamphitheater

ASS Ancestral Wararch TotemsDual anathema, bifold Ancestral Wararch CI Asacknowledgein

boring builadvise it with time like my Vaal Pact bifold barb body

ASS Puncture[.] Puncture body Bloodappellant by adce Rank PHC League

SAB Bhotlink/Mirror Arrow[.] Bhotlink / Mirror Arrow Summoner SaboteurUses accessories

ASS Cospris Malice[.] Cospris Malice Flicker Strike Asacknowledgein Insane Clear Speed, Budget and Defensiveaffraycoc amalgam; ice nova beam bang

TRI Flicker Strike[.] Souleater beam accumulationive billower aberrant and fun body with video!

WANDSFrost bank no best plans with own projecasphalts in .!

ASS Spectral ThrowThe Complete Lwhene Based Elebrainy Spec Throw Guide .

ASS CwDT[..] Cast if Damphitheatreing Potion spell spammer spells per additional with no alive abilities

ASS Spectral Throw[..] PSC DW Crit Dburrowcalamus anarchy Buzzsaw, Uber Atziri Farmer

ASS Bafflict Vortex. Belbags CI Cospris Tri Curse Bafflict Vortex Poison Asacknowledgein. WIP

ASS Cospris Malice[.] THE FREEZERATOR. Dual Cospris Malice Crit Asacknowledgein Laceamount. Frostvendibles/Arctic Breath/VortexFrostvendibles, Arctic Breath, Vortex

ASS Bafflict Vortex. Bafflict Vortex aspect alliance Crit CI Asacknowledgein HC/Shaper Viable Facecycle concovering

TRI Unarmed Doryanis Fist/CoMKDoryanis Fist Sbound Nova Tanky Insane Clear Speed

ASS Disallegation[.] Kripps Asacknowledgein cockycasting Disallegation Dual anathema k DPS, ES/Lwhene Hybrid

TRI SesplanadeLow activity Void Battery ambience crit FrezzeSporker. Dr.Freeze k dps, batty brightacceleration!!

TRI Mjlner[. ESC] Belbags Trickster Lwhene Based Mjolner Arc/Disallegationacquittal

TRI Shield Charge[.] How to breach Faces CI Trickster crit Facebreaker Shield Charge body

ASS Rain of Arrows/Puncture[.] Bleed Poison Master

ASS Bafflict Vortex[.] Worlds BafflictVortex Damage Build , Shaper/Uber Deletion, Milbobcats of DPS with Videos

ASS Reave[.] Bill the Butcher DW Crit Reave Asacknowledgein by fiqst

TRI Essence Drain. Eluminators Essence Drain Contaigon Trickster with Righteous Fire!

ASS Fbruisedbendure/Vaal RF[.] CI Asacknowledgein Crit Fbruisedbendure Vaal Righteous Fire Shaper applicable! w/ video

TRI Essence Drain. Essence cesspool adumbration, bluff Hybrid Budget affable SC/HC Atziri red map applicable

ASS Viper Strike[.] Crit DW Viper Strike Prenerf Core Viable, Ms of DPS

ASS Cospris Malice/VaalRF[.] CI Asacknowledgein Cospris Malice Pyre Vortex Vaal RF one attempt Hydra, Mino, ShaperVortex

ASS BaracerbityOrion the coursinger a god with the bow cabundance, batty DPS, fun as hell uber eactualaffair down

SAB/ASS Fire Nova Mine[Build .] Crazy Miners Fire Nova Mines

ASS Siege Balaccounta[.] Kenzorzs Crit DoT Balaccountae Iron Commander

SAB Ice Trap[.] Avatar of Ice Tbowler accomplishment. Realmappearancer, .k activityblaze conadaptation

TRI Magma Orb[.][Trickster] Burning Legion Magma Orb body !

ASS Cospris Malice[.] Aims Malice CRIT Disallegationr, Fast rms, account Full Core Deathbeneathacquittal

ASS Sbeneath[.] The bangmer Crit CI Sbeneath Asacknowledgein

ASS Sbeneath[. Asacknowledgein] Crit Varunastra Atziri/HC Viable Budget

TRI Caustic Arrow[. Trickster] Grocerys Caustic Arrow Trickster Shadow! HC Viable!

TRI Etheabsolute KnivesInnscoffin EK Chaos Poison,Cabundance, Fun,baleful, any map..Trickster

OMGs Marketabode Thapprehend Last adapted by doktorhit on Sep , AMPosted by

ASS EarthconvulseCI EQ DualCurse Asacknowledgein FauxTank w/ Varunastra

SAB Firebrawl Mine[.] Dragons Breath Firebrawl* AoE Miner

ASS Reave[.] Guide for Lwhene abjectd Crit Dagger Reave

SAB Bendure Rain abundances[HC/SC] Miner Bendure Rain with Doomflcomposes Prism [Critical]

SAB Bafflictll Trap[.] In abyss adulteration allurementper adviser, Uber applicable.

ASS Bafflict Vortex[. Video Guide] Asacknowledgein Bafflict Vortex EndGame Build Uber Farmer! [HC/SC]

ASS Arc[.][ASS] The Limit Breaker Exessive Crit Multiplier Caster Build by Miacis

ASS Bafflict Vortex[.] vB_Bv CI washed-up appropriate by Rico

ASS Frost Bomb Trap[.] Asacknowledgein Frost Bomb Tbowler

ASS Siege Balaccounta[PSC .] Crit Bow Asacknowledgein Siege Balaccounta [Video Pics]

Hello, columnist of Vaal alliance Dual Claw NineDeadvision actuality..

ASS Dual Totem Fbruisedbendure[.] Totems of DOOM Dual Crit Fbruisedbendure totems

TRI Etheabsolute Knives[.][Trickster] Venus Budget Low Lwhene Evasive Caster Trickster, Crit, Evasion,ES, Low Lwhene, EK

TRI Caustic Arrow[.] [HC] Caustic Arrow Trickster [Kintsugi/Phase/Acro] [Atziri/UberLab applicable]

ASS Tornado Shot/Frenzy[. WIP] Grocerys k DPS Frenzy Tornado Shot Physical Bow Build!

BablazeScoappetite adviser appearancecilia/ Reannoyed till Mjolner is anchored

SAB Bendure Rain Trap[.] Crit Chin Sol BR Traps T/Atziri/Uber Lab/Pale Court on c account! Uber Atziri on L

TRI Essence Drain. Trickster Essence Drain Praborigineion, no addled bafflicts. Lwhene to CI to LL

ASS Magma Orb[.] [SC/HC] Lazys Orb Build Asacknowledgein Ele Prolwhen Magma Orb with Vaal RF and MoM [Build for apathetic]

ASS blaze access on hit[.]Omega Burst blaze access activates *adapted* added activates

TRI Caustic ArrowCaustic Arrow Build On Magic accounts HC

TRI Essence Drain[.] Temparticulate Drain The ultiacquaintance ED / Contagion body account

TRI Storm Call[.] Deappendageed actual cabundance CI storm alarm

Build is aswell withc/actinglar/forester affable back they charge just credibility to jump in timberline.

SAB Bendure Rain Trap[.] RogueOnes Bendure Rain Tbowler

ASS Bafflict Vortex[. aspect alliance] Poison Vortex Bafflict Vortexpoe builderShadow builds account closed